Report an abandoned vehicle

You no longer need to display your vehicle tax disc on the windscreen of your car. A car parked on the road for a few days might not be abandoned but you can check to see if its taxed. You can do this online at GOV.UK.

If a vehicle is taxed, it can be parked on the road. If the car is blocking an access point, you can contact the police on 101.

If a vehicle isn't taxed, but doesn't appear to be abandoned, you can report it to the DVLA. If a vehicle has a statutory off road notice (SORN) but remains on a public road, you can report this to the DVLA too.

If a vehicle is damaged (for example has broken windows, missing tyres) you can report it to us below.

You should only report cars which are damaged and show clear signs of abandonment. For more information see examples of damaged vehicles.

Before you start

To report an abandoned vehicle to us, you will need to provide:

  • the location of the vehicle with number and street name
  • the date and time the vehicle was first noticed
  • a description of the vehicle and its current state

Report an abandoned vehicle

Common questions

What do we do with abandoned vehicles?

If we deem a vehicle to be abandoned, we will contact the last registered owner as well as placing a notice on the car. If the vehicle is claimed by the registered keeper, we are unable to take any further action. 

If the vehicle is not claimed and the period of the notice expires, we will seek to remove it as soon as possible. We aim to remove abandoned vehicles within 10 days of the expiry of the notice. If the vehicle is in a dangerous condition, we will aim to remove the vehicle within 24 hours.

How can I scrap my vehicle?

You can find out more information about vehicle scrappage on the DVLA website.

What is the penalty for abandoning a vehicle?

As it is against the law to abandon a vehicle, we can fine you up to £2,500. The DVLA may try to collect any unpaid car tax that you owe.

Can I report an abandoned vehicle on private land?

Yes, we will investigate the vehicle on private land if the landowner gives us permission. We'll need confirmation that the vehicle does not have permission to be there.

We will also need a copy of land registry to prove ownership to be sent to

We will determine if the vehicle is abandoned following the criteria above. A vehicle without permission to be on the land does not make the vehicle abandoned.

There may be times when we will be unable to remove the vehicle from the private land. An example is where the cost of the removal exceeds the services agreed cost.