Pavement licensing

Apply for a pavement licence

To apply for a pavement licence you must meet the requirements set out in our pavement licence guidance and policy.

Please also note the conditions which are applicable to all pavement licences.

Once you have checked the requirements you can download the pavement licence application form below.

Apply for a pavement licence

Please use the link below to pay the application fee.

Pay for a licence


The fee for applying for a licence is £100.


The applicant is required to affix a notice of application to the premises, so it is easily visible and legible to the public on the day the application is submitted to the local authority. 

You must ensure the notice remains in place for the public consultation period which is the period of 5 working days beginning with the day after the day the application is submitted to the authority. 

When counting 'working days' public holidays are not included.

Download the notice

Please email the application documents to licensing@harrow.gov.uk(Please note that these documents are subject to change depending on final legislation passed).