Book a computer in a Harrow library

You can use the computers in our libraries free of charge. Library members can book computers at a Harrow Library. You will need to show your membership card. All computer bookings are:

  • valid for sessions of no more than 60 minutes
  • restricted to no more than two sessions in one day.

Computer bookings are held for ten minutes after the start time. If you do not log in within that time, the booking for that session will be cancelled.

When using one of our computers in a library we ask that you:

  • use headphones to listen to audio files or watch videos
  • do not view anything likely to cause offence
  • do not use the computer or internet for illegal purposes.

Computer users must follow our Harrow Libraries IT policy. We track computer usage to ensure our conditions are followed. We can end internet access if the conditions are not followed.

How much does it cost?

  • The first two hours: free of charge
  • After two hours, the hourly charge is £2.90
  • After two hours, the concessionary hourly charge is £1.70
  • Scanning facilities with a flatbed or multifunctional device is £1.10 per session.

Book a library computer

You will need your library card number and PIN to book a computer in a library.

  • You can reserve a computer for one hour at a time.
  • You can use the computers for up to two hours per day free of charge.
  • You can book it on the spot or up to seven days in advance.

Book a library computer


If you need help booking a computer, see our computer booking guide.

Computer facilities

  • Access to the internet is available on all computers.
  • Microsoft Office apps are on all the computers. This includes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You will not be able to install your own software on our computers.
  • All computers have USB inputs. Please note that not all USB devices work with our computers.
  • Printers are available in all our libraries. Printing costs:
    • black and white (A4) - 25p per page
    • colour (A4) - 60p per page.

Free Wi-Fi

If you have your own device Wi-Fi is provided free of charge in our libraries. Please note that you will have to have a library membership to access the service.

  • To connect to the free Wi-Fi, select the Wi-Fi name that matches the library you are in.
  • Connect using your library barcode and PIN.

A guide to booking a library computer

You will need to have your library card number and PIN ready.

Visit our computer booking page and follow these steps:

  • Select which library you would like to make the booking for.
  • Enter your library card number in the 'user ID' field. Do this without spaces, starting with 24102.
  • Enter your PIN in the 'pin code' field. If you don't know this number, ask staff for help next time you visit the library.
  • Select 'sign in'.
  • Select which date you would like to place your booking.
  • All available sessions will be in white. Enter your preferred start time. Then, enter the duration for your session.
  • There is one computer per library with access to a flatbed scanner. If you wish to use it, check the box. The box is at the top right of the screen under 'special requirements.'
  • Select 'book now' to confirm your booking.
  • You'll get a message. It will confirm your booking details.