Grange Farm Estate

Resident engagement

A Steering Group of local residents living on Grange Farm Estate has been working on the project regularly. They review the plans and compare them to other developments both within Harrow and schemes as far away as Cambridge. They will continue to be involved throughout, including the delivery of Phase 1 as well as being part of the process to select the delivery partner for the later phases. This ensures that the new Grange Farm will be of the highest standard and meet the needs of local people for many years to come: download the Steering Group vision.

The Steering Group has received independent information from their Independent Tenant Advisor paid for by the council. It has been meeting regularly to discuss and be closely involved with the regeneration plans to get to this stage. It has also established the Grange Farm Steering Group website.

Consultations and other documentation

Since March 2020, the impact of Covid-19 has meant a change of approach. However the Council remains committed to engaging with all stakeholders to ensure that everyone is able to contribute to the regeneration. Where face to face contact is not possible, alternative methods have included holding virtual meetings with the Steering Group as well as corresponding via email and other electronic platforms.

Community Centre

The existing community centre on the estate is relatively small and therefore limits the range of activities available. The new community centre of 1,082 m2 will offer facilities purpose-built to house a nursery, community meeting rooms, a flexible hall, and an elevated external sports court.

In the meantime the council is working closely with the charity MyYard to deliver a range of activities to support the whole community. This includes organising free food deliveries and an arts projects to create artwork for the hoardings around the site.

Grange Farm Charter

Please view the Grange Farm Estate Charter

What will happen to existing tenants and residents?

All existing tenants have been given the choice of a permanent move away from Grange Farm to another rented property, or to move into a new Grange Farm rented unit of the right size for their household.
This means some tenants having to move twice; once into a temporary property and then into their new permanent home. All secure tenants having to be rehoused will receive a Home Loss payment (currently £6,100) and their direct costs associated with moving will be paid for. For information about rehousing please contact us via the details at the bottom of the page.

All those who own property on the existing Grange Farm Estate will be fully compensated for the value of their property as the council buys them back. Resident owners will receive an additional 10% of the property value due to the disturbance involved, and their legal costs will also be met.