The Expert Patient Programme

EPP feedback and achievements

Below is some feedback received from people in Harrow who completed the EPP self-management course.  We hope you find their achievements as inspiring as we do, and to see you on a course soon.


  • The programme gave me real strength and made me want to get out and about more than I used to, even though it’s difficult for me to walk for a long time.
  • I've started doing some of the positive things for my health that I have been saying that I will do for years, but never previously started.
  • It has been a great help just to be able to speak to people with the same problems.
  • The EPP course has made me realise that I can have some say over my pain and not let it dictate my life.
  • It gave us the strength we needed to handle our conditions, to appreciate ourselves again and not get down about being ill.
  • I'm realising I already have skills in me that I can use to help me.
  • It’s incredible how much empathy the tutors on the programme have with you.  Because they have been through the same thing, they know how it feels.
  • It helped me understand that I am still worthy of moving forward.
  • We forget things when we have problems and challenges – this helps you remember what you knew.
  • This course is the best I’ve done (I've done 100s). People need to know about it. More people need to do this. 
  • Meeting new people on the course made a huge difference to my life.
  • I have met lots of interesting people from all sorts of backgrounds, with all sorts of conditions. And from them, also learnt lots of new skills to manage my condition.


  • I’m making plans and actually doing them. I used to make a list but forget to do it or get confused which to prioritise. Now I break it down and say what I will do when, and I do it
  • I'm doing things and being active every day
  • My blood sugar is the lowest it has ever been
  • I'm using creative thinking to find solutions
  • I’ve started swimming again
  • I've lost 4 kg in the past 5 weeks
  • I realised that “I matter”
  • I’ve been able to help other people
  • Started cooking again
  • I've started cleaning out my loft
  • I’ve been able to say “No”
  • Started my spring cleaning
  • I've been going out for walks
  • Started painting again
  • I'm doing arts and crafts for mindfulness
  • Went cycling for the first time in 1 year 
  • Finally started clearing out my cupboards
  • Started writing poetry again
  • I’ve learnt to put myself first

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