The Expert Patient Programme

Upcoming EPP Course Dates

Upcoming courses (small groups)

Dates are below for both in-person and virtual courses. If there aren't any suitable dates or venues listed, please do get in touch so that we can notify you when additional courses are available. 

We ask that all participants attend week 1 to learn the foundations of the course, and to commit to attending at least five of the six core weeks. This will help you get the most from the course, and prevent disruption to the group. 

In-person course dates

Our in-person courses are currently suspended due to COVID-19. We recognise that many of our participants are worried about catching COVID-19 when they already have a health condition, especially as winter approaches. 

For this reason we will be offering online courses so that you can participate in the comfort of your home.  When our in-person courses resume, we will add the dates here.

Virtual course dates

Our virtual courses are exactly the same as our in-person courses, except they take place via a group video call. We have kept the group size smaller (7-10 people) and have more frequent breaks, as we know that large group video calls can be tiring. 

You do not need any special equipment or apps, and you do not need to be good at using computers to take part. You just need a laptop, computer or tablet with internet access, a working camera and microphone. We ask that you keep your camera switched on.

We do not recommend using a mobile phone to access the course, as you will not be able to see everyone's faces and the slides, so you will not be able to participate fully. 

Upcoming courses

We are in the process of agreeing new course dates. Please contact us if you are interested and we'll keep you updated.

To sign-up for a course or for more information, email us at or call 0208 736 6923.