Grange Farm Estate

Grange Farm estate is located in South Harrow. It used to be made up of 282 properties built with fibreglass panels. After talking to residents, it was agreed that the estate should be redeveloped. We planned to replace the homes with modern high quality homes.

We obtained planning permission in March 2019. View the application and consent online with reference: P/3524/16.

The redevelopment was planned for three phases:

We are planning to submit a new application sometime in 2024. There are different planning requirements for Phase 2 and 3. This is why we need a separate planning application.

We are looking at more energy efficient solutions. An example being implementing heat pumps.

We will deliver on our commitment to:

  • keep the same number of social housing homes
  • provide a new community centre
  • construct generous and secure cycle spaces
  • develop high quality landscaping
  • improve pedestrian access to Northolt Road
  • build a new pedestrian link to the local retail park.

Phase 1 - Grange Farm estate redevelopment

We signed a contract with Higgins in 2019 to deliver the first 89 homes. Of these, 69 were social rented homes. 20 were shared ownership homes. Residents started moving into these homes in 2023. 

Phase 2 and 3 - Grange Farm estate redevelopment

We appointed our joint venture partner, the HSDP, in 2022. This was to take forward the development of Phase 2 and 3. The HSDP is a 50/50 partnership between us (the council) and Wates Residential.

Wates will submit the new planning application. They will work with estate residents and consult with local residents. They plan to submit the application sometime in 2024.

Our plan is to work towards using zero carbon solutions. For example, we will look to move away from using gas as a primary heating source.

The plans for future phases must meet the needs of the estate community. We encourage everyone who wants to get involved to do so. 

We would also ask that residents keep us updated on changes to their household. That way, we can, when possible, meet those needs in the design and type of the new homes.

For more information on Phase 2 and 3, you can email:

Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO)

A CPO is a legal tool we use to acquire land without the consent of the owner. To improve Grange Farm estate, we needed to get all rights to the land in the estate. We secured interests in the land within Phase 1 of the regeneration.

We are continuing to negotiate with leaseholders. These are those whose properties are affected by Phases 2 and 3. We cannot be sure that all interests will be secured by private agreement.

The CPO has been confirmed for phases 2 and 3. So it gives us the authority to legally take control of those interests.

General vesting declaration (GVD) 

In December 2021 we issued a GVD. As a result of this, on 17th March 2022 we took control of the Notting Hill Genesis Homes. On 28th April 2023 we took control of the former leasehold homes in Phase 2.

We will secure the remaining interests by negotiation or under the GVD. We will remain in contact with residents.

Engaging with Grange Farm estate residents

Residents of the Grange Farm estate form the steering group. They have been working on the project for several years. They will continue to review plans going forward.

This ensures that the new estate will be of the highest standard. It also makes sure that it will meet the needs of local people for many years to come. See more about the steering group's vision.

The steering group is guided by an independent advisor. The group meets often. They meet to discuss and be part of the regeneration plans. See the Grange Farm estate steering group website.

View the March 2024 Grange Farm Estate newsletter.

There is a weekly residents surgery at the Grange Farm Community Centre every Wednesday at 11am to 1pm. Residents can ask questions in person.

We are committed to engage with all stakeholders. We want to ensure that everyone is able to contribute to the regeneration. This includes face-to-face meetings and events. It also includes virtual meetings and email.

Grange Farm estate community centre

The current community centre on the estate is small. So, it limits the range of activities available. The new community centre will be much larger. It will offer more facilities. It will have a nursery, meeting rooms, and a multi-use hall. The design will be based on input from key stakeholders.

Meanwhile, we are working with the charity MyYard. Together, we are delivering a range of activities to support the whole community. This includes organising free surplus food deliveries.

If you have any questions we run a housing surgery in the community centre. It is on every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm.

For more information email: Or call Salome on: 07927 548315.

Reporting defects (phase 1 residents only)

If you want to report a defect visit our request a home repair page. For emergency repairs such as a leak, call customer services on: 020 8901 2360. These repairs are explained in your home user guide.

Please report each defect using a new form. Each form will generate its own reference number. The form will be seen by a customer services officer and forwarded to Higgins. Higgins will then contact you to make an appointment and fix defect.

To help you learn more about your new home, take a look at our series of instructional videos:

We have also put together a series of common resident questions.