Overgrown weeds

We carry out a weed spraying programme multiple times a year to clear weeds to ensure that the pathways and roads we maintain meet safety and other standards.

This is carried out during dry weather to ensure its maximum effectiveness. The programme is also carried out in line with all pesticides regulations and codes of practice.

Report overgrown weeds

To report overgrown weeds you will need:

  • the exact location or address of where the overgrown weeds are located
  • any additional information such as a photo to show the area of overgrown weeds

Begin report

How do we deal with overgrown weeds?

Our team conducts weed spraying twice a year. The first spray takes place between April and June with a follow up between July and September.

This means that our teams will only spray weeds across Harrow between these months but if you notice areas of excessive weeds becoming abnormally long during this period you can report it online. 

Please note that we may not respond to all reports but they are useful in helping us to understand hot spots in the borough and areas where we can focus our resources. 

We do not remove weeds out of season unless it becomes invasive or a health and safety hazard.