Harrow's trees

Fallen, dangerous and damaged trees

To report a fallen dangerous or damaged tree, see fallen, dangerous and damaged trees.

Trees on private properties

Trees within private property and unregistered land will not be maintained by us.

Maintaining trees on highways and council open spaces

We carry out general maintenance to trees located on the adopted highway and council open spaces. 

We do not carry out unnecessary pruning of the trees in Harrow. The pruning of trees will only take place in circumstances where it is essential or advisable.

Maintenance may be carried out if one of the following applies:

  • A tree is causing an obstruction to a public highway, public right of way, footpath or access to property or growing low over gardens or open spaces where the public have access.
  • A tree is causing a legal nuisance to an adjoining property.
  • A tree may be contributing to soil shrinkage and structural damage to adjacent buildings or other built features, where it is felt that it is appropriate to restrict the size and moisture demand of the tree.
  • A tree is creating an obstruction to repairs or maintenance of a property.
  • A tree is blocking daylight from habitable rooms to a severe and unreasonable degree.
  • A tree is restricting surveillance and needs to be managed to create a reassuring environment, reduce fear of crime, and increase citizen surveillance.
  • A tree is physically in contact with a building and/or roof of a building.
  • A tree is obstructing or interfering with street lighting or highway signage or is likely to do so.
  • There is a need to remove dead, diseased or damaged branches.

We will not carry out tree maintenance if any of the following applies:

  • Minor loss of light or removal to improve sightlines unless there is a health and safety issue
  • Sap (Honeydew)
  • Bird fouling
  • Satellite or TV reception signal disruption
  • Pruning due to overhanging property
  • Squirrels gaining access to property via trees
  • Leaf, fruit or flowers and general debris fall
  • Pruning or removing for speculative subsidence where no evidence provided
  • Pruning or removing because of an increase to household insurance policy
  • Removing to improve aesthetics
  • Removing trees perceived as too large
  • Removal for drop kerb/ new driveway (when tree is deemed to live longer than 5 years)