Host an event in a park or open space

Event hosting prices

As with all venues, there is a hire fee for Harrow's Parks and open spaces. We offer competitive rates and will be able to offer expert advice in relation to your event

Fees are charged based on the nature of your group, the size of your event, and the type of your event. The processing application fee is a set, one-off charge to process your application, however other fees will vary.

SIze of event   Application fee including VAT Daily hire charges Road closure Waste Management, Parking Suspensions, Equipment Hire
Small (Up to 499 people) Commercial £82 £545 £2,528 On application
Discounted 80% £16.40 £109 On application
Medium (500 to 1000 people) Commercial £82 £1,090 £2,528 On application
Discounted 80% £16.40 £218 On application
Large/Special event (Over 1000 people) Commercial £82 From £2,453 £2,528 On application
Discounted 80% £16.40 £491 On application
Circuses / Funfairs Commercial On application On application £2,528 On application

The full cost of repairing any damage caused as a result of an event will be invoiced to the hirer.

Application Fee

For checking, validating and processing applications received and for liaising with other parties both internal and external to facilitate the event taking place. If approved, this fee will be deducted from the hire charges. If the application is rejected or if the event doesn’t go ahead the application fee is non-refundable. The application process will need to be completed for all events.  

Hire charges - refers to the hire of parks and open spaces and public highway where movement will be restricted. This fee may be waived for Park User Groups. The waiver of fees will be at the discretion of the council.

Discounts and concessions

Events by community organisations, schools, places of worship and registered charities within the London borough of Harrow that have free entry (not making an income) and are open to the public will be eligible for an 80% discount. For commercial, private and special events the full application fee is chargeable. Registered Community Groups including Park User Groups can apply for support from the Community Fund to facilitate events.

The following evidence will be required for discounts and concessions:

  • Proof of address of event organiser
  • Headed letter detailing official business of the organisation and signed by the relevant Head /Lead Officer
  • Completed application form detailing event and confirming free entry and open to public
  • Terms of Reference of Charity/Community Group  (where applicable)
  • Registered Charity Number — (where applicable)
  • Registered VAT Number — (where applicable)
  • Registered with Community Engagement team (where applicable)
  • Park User Groups must be registered with the Council’s Community Engagement Team

Booking fee

A booking fee of 10% is required once the event has been approved, in order to secure the date and venue.  (non-refundable)

Site hire fee

The site hire fee is charged to hire the park or open space for your event.

The type of event will be the key factor in determining hire fees.  A site inspection will take place prior to and immediately after each event. Should any works be required, following the event, monies will be held back from the deposit as appropriate or invoiced directly to the organiser where a deposit is not applicable, to cover costs. Should costs exceed the deposit the council will charge the remaining costs to the event organiser. All additional costs to the council resulting from the event are expected to be borne by the organiser.

Licensing fees

All fees associated with the application for a Premises Licence or Temporary Events Notice (TEN) will rest with and remain the responsibility of the event organiser. Current fees can be found at

Event delivery associated fees

All fees associated with the delivery of the event will rest with and remain the responsibility of the event organiser. Any costs incurred to the council resulting from an event will be charged to the organiser at the associated costs and will incur an administration fee to be determined by the Divisional Director or Nominated Deputy.


If the organiser cancels a booking, less than a month before the date of hire there will be no refund of the fee paid. Cancellations made with a month or more notice will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.
If payment of the application fee has not been received a month prior to the event taking place or the payment has not cleared by the event date, the site will not be made available to the organiser for the planned event.
The London Borough of Harrow reserves the right to cancel events by refusing the use of the land/site, should the terms and conditions of hire, legal requirements or financial obligations not be met and/or inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances occur. The decision for cancellation will rest with the Corporate Director or Nominated Deputy.