Voting by post

Please note that in order to vote by post, your name needs to be on the electoral register. For information about registering, please see the individual electoral registration page.

Voting by post is an alternative method to voting at a polling station. Anyone who is registered to vote can apply for a postal vote and does not need to provide a reason.

When applying to vote by post, you must provide us with your date of birth and signature. Please note, from 31 October 2023, you must also provide your national insurance number. This is due to a change in electoral law which requires your identity to be verified when applying to vote by post.

To apply to vote by post please use the button below: 

Apply for a postal vote

If you are unable to apply online, please email us at with your name, address and telephone number.

Once registered to vote by post, before an election, you will receive a postal vote pack which contains your ballot paper(s) and postal vote statement. Cast your vote on the ballot paper(s). Please complete the postal vote statement with your date of birth and your signature which are then compared with the completed postal vote application form that you have already submitted. This is to ensure your vote is secure. 

Please return your completed postal pack to us as soon as possible and no later than 10pm on polling day.