Public questions and answers

Guidance to public questioners

  • Members of the public can submit questions electronically to formal meetings of the Council via the following email address:  publicquestions@harrow.gov.uk
  • Questions can also be submitted in writing to the Monitoring Officer at Democratic Services, Harrow Council, Civic Centre, P O Box 2, HA1 2UH but must be received by the deadline given.
  • Due to COVID 19 restrictions and until further notice, all Committee meetings will be run virtually using Microsoft Teams. Questioners will be invited to the meeting to ask questions.
  • Each question must be submitted by the questioner, identifying their name, address and where appropriate, their email address.  The questioner must also specify the name of the Portfolio Holder or Chair to whom the question is to be put.
  • Only one question per questioner is allowed. 
  • The deadline for receipt of questions is 3.00 pm, two clear working days before the day of the meeting.  For example, if a meeting is scheduled for a Thursday, the deadline for questions is 3.00 pm on the Monday of the same week. Where reports are published after the main agenda for a Cabinet meeting, the deadline for questions is one clear working day before the day of the meeting.
  • Questions must relate to the terms of reference within which the meeting/Committee operates. The Council's Constitution can be accessed online.
  • Public questions cannot be put to officers of the Council.  If you wish to raise issues with officers there are other ways of doing this.  If you need any assistance in raising issues with officers please email democratic.services@harrow.gov.uk

Note:  Public questions will be asked in the order they have been received.  There is a time limit of 15 minutes for the asking and answering of questions.
The Council takes no responsibility for questions which are sent but fail to reach the correct email address and/or postal address.