Public questions and answers

Answers from Cabinet and Council meetings

In this section you will find the questions and answers from some Cabinet and Council meetings:

At Council meetings, Committee meetings, and most panel meetings up to 15 minutes is made available for the public to ask questions. Such questions are either answered by the Portfolio Holder, the Chair of the Committee or are posted in writing. We aim to publish the answers to the questions online 5 working days after the meeting.

Any Harrow resident or representative of a local organisation may ask a question at a meeting, plus one follow-up question on the reply received. Questions should be submitted in writing by 3.00 pm at least two clear working days before the day of the relevant meeting.

Email your questions to

What happens when you submit a question?

  1. A Democratic Services Officer will acknowledge receipt of your question.
  2. A day after the deadline for questions has passed s/he will advise the questioner whether the question has been accepted.
  3. An explanation will be given to the questioner if the question is rejected.
  4. A question may be rejected if it's ‘substantially the same as a question which has been put at any meeting in the last 6 months'.