Council Tax Protection Fund (effective from 1st April 2020)

For residents experiencing exceptional financial hardship

If you are experiencing severe financial difficulties you can apply for the Council Tax Protection Fund (CTPF).

Applications will only be granted to those whose finances are such that if they do pay their council tax it could threaten their ability to stay in their home.

To qualify for the CTPF it is necessary that you have also applied for the following benefits: council Tax Support and council tax discounts, reliefs and exemptions.

Application process

We may request evidence of your income, and how much you spend.

Apply for CTPF 

Who can apply?

People who are responsible to pay council tax to Harrow Council. This includes:

  • Owner occupiers
  • Tenants
  • Liable residents (but not formally a ‘tenant’)
  • Persons acting on behalf of a liable person i.e. an appointee, solicitor or someone with power of attorney

Who cannot apply?

Any person not liable to pay council tax to Harrow Council, but also specifically:

  • Landlords of properties where the tenant is liable
  • Landlords, if liable
  • Estate agents/managing agents on behalf of a landlord
  • Previous Harrow Council Tax payers who are no longer resident or liable for ongoing council tax in Harrow at the time of application
  • Friends/relatives of the liable person (unless acting as an appointee or under a power of attorney)
  • Support agencies (unless acting as an appointee or under a power of attorney)
  • Banks or other holders of a mortgage or other legal charge on a property
  • Owners or those in possession of empty properties (including long-term empty and furnished second homes)

Consideration of applications

Applications will be considered as soon as possible, and subject to all supporting information being received.

Your will be notified of the decision in writing and a revised bill will be sent to you showing the amount granted (if applicable). It will appear on the bill as:

“Write off - Section 13A Relief”

Appeals procedure

If you want to appeal against our decision you must do so within 28 days from when the letter notifying you is issued. The appeal must be made in writing to the Council Tax office at Harrow Council. The appeal can also be submitted online together with supporting information.

The council will review your appeal and write to you with their decision. If they don't uphold your appeal you may submit an appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. The council will explain Valuation Tribunal process when contact you.

You remain responsible for payments of council tax throughout the appeal process. Therefore you have an obligation to keep paying council tax to the council.