Council spending

As the Council undergoes reform through the "Better Deal for Residents Programme: Shaping Harrow for the future", and responds to large cuts in government funding, it is more important than ever to show where we are spending taxpayers' money.

What we publish

We publish information about the following payments:

  • for goods and services
  • to suppliers and sole traders
  • grants
  • expenses
  • third party service providers
  • rent
  • transactions with other public bodies

What we don't publish

We are not able to publish details of all expenditure, and the following information is not included:

  • information relating to the protection of vulnerable adults and children
  • confidential or sensitive information
  • information which is exempt from publication under the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act

These payments are grouped into one single figure in the report, called Redacted Personal Data on the budgets and spending reports page.

Other information that is not included in the monthly reports includes:

  • salary payments to staff - this is published on the budgets and spending reports page.
  • pensions contributions
  • severance payments
  • transactions relating to the financing or underwriting of debt
  • provisions or promises to pay but not yet realised
  • housing benefit payments
  • council tax or business rate refunds