Harrow Virtual School for: Children with a Social Worker (CWSW)

Harrow Virtual School for Children With a Social Worker (CWSW)

In September 2021 the role of Virtual Schools across the country was extended to include all children with a social worker.

The Virtual School aims to narrow the gap for some of the most vulnerable children in our local authority. Previously, this referred to children looked after and those on a special guardianship order. However it now includes all school children on a child protection plan, or those recognised as a child in need. These children are referred to as children with a social worker or CWSW.  You can find out more information about the virtual school’s new remit at Promoting the education of children with a social worker.

The Virtual School has a number of professionals leading on this. Kathryn Robinson is the lead for post-16 children and Lisa Bogle is the lead for children aged from Early Years to Year 11. 

The pages in this section contain information about upcoming training and the support that is available for your CWSW, and the colleagues who are working with them.

Harrow Virtual School