Harrow Virtual School for: Children with a Social Worker (CWSW)

Harrow's CWSW Ever-6 Commitment

In September 2021 the role of the Virtual School Head (VSH) was extended. It now includes all children who have or have had a social worker. This includes children in need (CIN), and those subject to child protection plans (CPP).

The objectives were to:

  • ensure there would be a local champion for children with a social worker (CWSW) in the Virtual School (VS) in every LA in England
  • increase the profile of CWSW in schools
  • promote the educational needs of CWSW in children’s social care
  • target strategic support earlier for CWSW
  • provide strategic leadership, “to create a culture of high aspirations that helps all children with a social worker to make educational progress”.

Harrow VSs have made the following commitment to all young people who are, and have, previously been CWSW living in Harrow:

  • To continually recognise, celebrate and promote the high achievement of all CWSWEver-6. This is done through working with Harrow schools. Information is collected about:
    • their successes
    • recognising achievements at the end of key stages in their education
    • continually fostering a culture of accountability by tracking their attainment
  • To provide and signpost young people to enrichment opportunities. This includes activities that foster a love of learning and promote lifelong achievement in a variety of areas:
    • the arts
    • music
    • sport
  • To support CWSWEver-6 in accessing educational opportunities. This includes Springboard that supports their aspirations and give them access to specialist support.
  • To provide guidance and support to schools in relation to exclusions, attendance issues and trauma.
  • To support all Harrow schools in developing trauma-informed practice. In addition to provide the training and resources that ensure schools are able to achieve trauma-informed status.
  • To provide support for referrals made to Harrow services, including the NHS, CAMHS and education.