Foster care myths

Every child is different and needs a home to match. Here we bust some of the myths surrounding foster care:

I’m too old/too young

You can be any age over 18. All you have to do is demonstrate a mature responsible attitude, and enough energy for the task.

I don’t own my own home

It doesn’t matter if you own or rent your home provided it is suitable for a child in your care.

I am single/divorced/gay so would not be suitable carer

No matter what your relationship status or sexual preference is, you can be considered for a fostering placement. The important thing is to provide the child in your care with loving and supporting relationships.

I am unemployed or work part time

You can be employed or unemployed. The main thing is that you have enough time to meet the needs of the children.

I won’t get paid

You will be given a weekly fostering allowance to cover the needs of the child. There are also additional allowances for things like birthdays or festivals and one-off set up grants.