Transition information for childcare providers

Essential information for PVIs, Childminders and Schools

The following information is available to support the transition process:

  • Revised Transition Document
    This is the current version of the form. Please discard older versions. To use the full functionality of the form, download it and use Adobe Reader to complete and review your documents. The document contains the Privacy Notice.
  • Transition Timeline/Checklist
  • Supporting your child’s transition
    The parent or carer comments section within the Transition document, has been placed on a webpage. This can be translated for parents to review in their preferred language and support their child’s transition.
  • Parent Flyer
    A flyer for parents of children who are transitioning.
  • Protected messages
    All emails must be sent securely. You will need to check with your email provider how to do this. Harrow Council uses Microsoft 365.
  • Schools email addresses: this will be sent out to providers when finalised
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Notes for PVIs (private, voluntary, and independent)

  • It is essential that you download the latest Transition Document to your preferred location. Use Adobe Reader to complete and review your transition document. This will allow you all the functionality of the interactive form. It includes radio buttons (option selectors), check boxes and drop-down lists. Failure to use Adobe Reader could result in the loss of information when you save your documents. Adobe Reader is available for computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • To continue to send secure emails for free, please add (licensed user) as well as the recipient school email(s) when sending your transition document secure email.  
  • Please mark the subject field: ‘Child Transition Document - DO NOT DELETE’. This is to ensure schools are aware of the importance of the email content.

Notes for schools

  • Ensure Harrow Early Years has your preferred email address for Harrow providers to send their children’s transition documents.  We recommend using specified email addresses rather than a generic school address to avoid any issues with email deletion. Schools will receive their Transition Documents via the email address(es) they have provided to the Harrow Early Years team.   
  • Ensure that you are using Adobe Reader to view the Transition Document. This will enable you to view the document as an interactive form, with radio buttons (option selectors), check boxes and-drop down lists. Failure to use Adobe Reader may result in a blank document or missing information.  
  • You cannot forward encrypted emails. This is because the new recipient is not authorised to view the email from the sender. If you would like to send this to another person within your school, download the document locally and send internally on your school email system e.g. LGFL or other.
  • Please use 'Reply all' on your received encrypted emails confirming to providers that you have received the transition documents sent.