Transition information for childcare providers

Transition in Harrow

A revised transition document and process has been put in place. It is for children transitioning from a Harrow nursery, pre-school, or childminder, who are starting at school reception. 

These changes have been put in place in collaboration with schools and PVIs (private, voluntary and independent). They are to ensure the capture of much-needed information about the children, is provided to the schools in a way that's easy to extract. 

We use secure email with children’s information and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – May 2018). We follow the clear guidelines on the responsibilities of processing and controlling data.

The revised transition document is recommended to our providers rather than a requirement. Schools will also need to consider children who are not currently with a Harrow provider. For example those who are aligned with Early Support Hubs/Children's centres or who are out of borough who may send information to schools in another format, choosing an alternative transfer of information.