Becoming a childminder

Further information on becoming a childminder

Ofsted registers: Early Years and Childcare Registers

A childminder can apply to join one register or both registers at the same time, or at other times.

The Early Years Register

The Early Years Register is for providers caring for children from birth until the 31 August after their fifth birthday – this is known as the early years age group. These providers must be able to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is the framework for the care, learning and development of children in the early years age group.

The Childcare Register

The childcare register is for those who wish to care for children from birth to 17 years. It has two parts.

  • The compulsory part: Providers must register if they care for one or more children following their fifth birthday until they reach their eighth birthday
  • The voluntary part: Providers who are not required to register on the compulsory part may choose to register here. These are mainly people looking after children aged eight and over, or providing care in the child’s own home like a nanny or home childcarer.

Other requirements when registering as a childminder include:

  • a medical form (completed by your doctor) certifying that you are physically and mentally fit to be registered as a childminder
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on yourself and anyone living in your household who is over the age of 16
  • a valid paediatric first aid certificate
  • public liability insurance
  • a home that is deemed suitable by Ofsted for providing care for children.

For further information, see the Ofsted website

Funding Childminding

Based on current costings, as part of your setup costs you will need to expect an outlay of approximately £550, which does not include the procurement of resources or adaptations you may need to make to your home to ensure it is child friendly.

Families Information Service

Lines open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Telephone: 020 8901 2690 (option 1)

Address: Civic Centre
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Ofsted registers and inspects childcare for children aged from birth to 17 years.

Address: The National Business Unit
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

Telephone: 0300 123 1231


Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years

Address: Royal Court
81 Tweedy Road

Telephone: 0845 880 0044