Register your property as a film location

Did you know that your property has the potential to earn you extra income as a film or photo shoot location?

The Harrow Council filming department offers the best advice and support, to ensure you have a positive experience should you offer your home as a filming location. In our many years of business, Harrow Council has successfully booked shoots in locations specified by our clients to ensure the best outcomes for the imagination of production companies to be brought to life.

Why register with Harrow Council?

Within our filming department our team works hard to get to know each of the locations we offer. This is essential to ensure the process from initial enquiry to confirmed booking is seamless. You, as the location owner, should feel happy, well briefed and fully prepared before the crew turns up on each shoot.

If you are thinking of registering your home as a filming location, or have already decided to do so, our team can offer guidance and advice, and ensure that you are made as comfortable as possible with your decision.

Once a booking is confirmed, we ensure that a comprehensive contract is introduced for both parties. This will then be signed by the relevant parties. As part of our filming policy, we also ensure that the crew have Public Liability insurance in place in the unlikely event that it is required. We invoice on your behalf and pay directly into your chosen account.

What makes a good shoot location?

Harrow Council offers a wide variety of locations which enables us to respond to the diverse range of briefs we receive on a daily basis. Whilst we are open to all different styles of locations there are certain criteria that we consistently look for:

  • Living spaces large enough to accommodate a crew of 10 people (minimum) plus equipment.
  • For larger scale shoots good parking and access are required.


Tips on photography

If you would like to send in pictures to showcase your home for consideration, please follow the tips below

  • Take pictures on a bright sunny day and avoid using flash if possible
  • Landscape photos taken at wide angle are preferable
  • Include shots of all the main rooms including bedrooms and bathrooms as well as exteriors


How to register

For full details on the shoot booking process and more information on what’s involved please email