Order a new or additional bin

If your bin is damaged beyond repair, has been stolen or you have additional waste which can't fit into your current bin, you can order a new or an additional one.

Please note that we will only collect Harrow approved bins.

Bin size & price

Our bins are available in two sizes. They are the same price, £66.50 per bin.

  • (240 litre) Standard bins are 1060mm in height, 570mm in width and 720mm in depth.
  • (140 litre) Slim line bins are 1070mm in height, 480mm in width and 560mm in depth.

Normal and slim bins2

Additional green or grey general waste bins can only be purchased if there are five or more people living in your household.

There are no limits on blue recycling bins but if you require an additional domestic bin you will need to provide proof of all residents within the property.

Order a new bin

To order a new bin you will need:

  • Your details
  • The type of bin you would like to order
  • Payment information

Your bin will be delivered within four weeks

Order a new bin

Bin type Options
Green grey bin icon 140L slim-line and 240L (standard) domestic waste bin.
Blue bin icon 140L slim-line and 240L (standard) recycling bin.
Brown bin icon 240L (standard) garden waste bin.
Black caddy icon 7L kitchen caddy | Food 23L food caddy.
Red bin icon3 (Residents who live in flats only) 140L (standard) and 240L (commercial) food waste bin (communal properties and flats.)