Order a new or extra bin

You can order new bins online for your household. Common reasons for wanting to order new bins are:

  • when you are new Harrow resident
  • when your bin has been damaged beyond repair
  • when your bin has gone missing or has been taken.

Bin sizes

Our bins are available in two sizes, standard and slimline. Both bin sizes are the same price which is £72.70.

Our standard sized bins have a capacity of 240 litres with the dimensions of 1060 mm (H), 570 mm (W) and 720 mm (D).

Our slimline sized bins have a capacity of 140 litres with the dimensions of 1070 mm (H), 480 mm (W) and 560 mm (D).

The bin types listed below are available in the following sizes:

  • General waste bin (green or grey) - standard only.
  • Recycling waste bin (blue) - both standard and slimline.
  • Garden waste bin (brown) - standard only.
  • Food waste bin for flats (red) - both standard and slimline.
  • Food waste caddy (black) - 7 litres and 23 litres.

Can I order new bins if I live in a flat?

If you have shared communal bins you cannot order bins online. If you have issues with your communal bins, we recommend that you speak to the management team of your flat.

If you have the use of household waste bins in your flat you can order new bins online.

For more information and to order a new bin for your flat, see our bins for residents who live in flats page.

Order a new bin

Before you start

You can order a new bin of any bin type online including:

Please note that your new bin(s) will be delivered within four weeks.

Order a new bin


Due to a shortage of drivers throughout the country deliveries from our suppliers are taking longer than usual. In the interim place food waste in the green/grey wheeled bin.

This will ensure it gets recycled at an 'Energy from Waste' plant, instead of ending up in Landfill.

Ordering a replacement Garden waste bin

If you want to order a replacement Garden waste bin, you can access the Garden waste bin order form in the Garden waste option after you have entered your postcode on our bins page.

Still waiting for your new bin?

If you want to find out where your bin order is you can complete the where is my new bin form. You will need:

  • Reference number
  • Payment authorisation code (included in your email receipt you received upon purchase)
  • Date of your order
  • Address details.

Order extra bins

Before you start

Larger households tend to dispose of more waste each week, so an extra bin may help your family.

You can order extra bins of any bin type online including:

Please note that your extra bin(s) will be delivered within four weeks.

Order an extra bin

Ordering an extra General waste bin

You can order an extra General waste bin only if there are five or more people living in your household.

When ordering an extra bin, you will need to provide proof of all residents living in your household.

Order an extra General waste bin

Order an additional General waste bin for medical reasons

Healthcare items such as incontinence pads are not classified as clinical waste.

Used incontinence pads can be put in a bag and disposed of in your general waste bin.

If you need more space for your incontinence pads you can order an extra general waste bin.

Order a General waste bin for medical reasons