Benefit overpayments

If you have been overpaid housing benefit you will be sent a letter with the details.

The overpayment will be recovered from one of the following:

  • deductions from your ongoing housing benefit entitlement
  • deductions from other benefits such as Universal Credit, Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance

If you are no longer entitled to housing benefit and you don't receive any other benefits, we will send you an invoice. You will need to pay the overpaid amount back to us directly.

Overpaid council tax support

If you have been overpaid council tax support, the overpayment will be applied to your council tax bill. You will receive a council tax bill with the revised balance. You will need to pay your council tax according to the new instalments in your bill.

Recovering overpayments from landlords

Overpayments are recovered from landlords if they could have been expected to know they were being overpaid. This is usually when the tenant has vacated.

If your tenant has been overpaid housing benefit we may be recovering the overpayment from their benefit entitlement which we pay to you on their behalf. We will write to you and tell you if this happens. You can not appeal against the decision to do this. You must ask your tenant to make up the difference between the rent you charge and the amount of Housing Benefit you receive on their behalf.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Office

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