Faulty street lights

There are approximately 4,000 street lights illuminating the roads and footpaths in Harrow and every year approximately 150 street lights have to be replaced due to damage caused by road traffic accidents.

We are responsible for maintaining existing street lighting and improving lighting. All street lights, illuminated signs and bollards are checked by an inspection team once a month.

Report a faulty street light

To report a faulty street light you will need:

  • details of where the faulty street light is
  • the closest house number to the faulty street light
  • the street light identification number (this can be found on the street light itself)

Report a street light issue

How do we deal with faulty street lights?

All faults which are reported will be passed to our lighting contractor for repair. They will undertake an investigation to identify the fault and complete the repair as quickly as practicable. In some circumstances, the faulty street light may be as a result of a power supply issue, this will be reported to the power supplier for the fault to be rectified.