Report a faulty street light

There are approximately 16,372 street lights illuminating the roads and footpaths in Harrow, over 2000 sign posts and 1300 bollards. 

Last year we repaired 2200 lighting faults and additional 500 lighting assets due to road traffic incidents.

We are responsible for maintaining existing street lighting and improving lighting.  

Once a month we inspect all street lights, illuminated signs, and bollards.

Before you start

To report a faulty street light you will need:

  • Details of where the faulty street light is
  • The road name and closest house number to the faulty street light
  • The street light identification number (this can be found on the street light or post itself facing the street or footpath on square, white stickers)

Report a street light issue

Faulty lighting on council housing properties must be reported to the estate caretaker. 

How we deal with faulty street lights

All reported faults are passed to our lighting contractor for repair. They investigate the fault and then repair it as quickly as practicable.

In some circumstances the fault is due to the power supply. We make sure this is reported to UK Power Networks. UKPN is the only statutory authority who can correct underground faults. We only have a responsibility to report the problem and cannot repair it.  

How to report a faulty traffic light

Transport for London are responsible for the maintenance of all permanent traffic lights in London. Traffic light faults should be reported to Transport for London.

For temporary traffic lights located at roadwork sites, faults must be reported to the company carrying out the works. The site will have on display a board with contact details and a permit reference.