Street parties

Applying to hold a street party

Applications to hold street parties for the Coronation have now closed.

Harrow Council welcomes community events, such as street parties to celebrate events. If you want to hold a street party you should read through the following information and if necessary complete an application form.

The advice is intended for small, self-organised events for residents and neighbours only. If you intend to provide entertainment or sell to the wider public you may need a temporary event notice.

Closing a road

If you want to close a section of the public highway to hold your street party, you will need to apply for a temporary road closure.

The application needs to be submitted at least six weeks before the event.

It is easier to arrange a party in cul-de-sacs and other quiet roads, which are not traffic sensitive or on bus routes.

If your road cannot be closed, you could look at combining your party with another nearby street or perhaps use a grassed area large enough to accommodate your party.

You will need to show that other residents in the street are in favour of the road being closed. You will need to notify residents or businesses who will be affected by the road closure in writing.

The event organiser will be responsible for sourcing the required road signs and traffic barriers needed to implement the closure (available at most tool hire suppliers).

We will provide a plan showing the required number of signs and barriers together with details of where they should be located.

Emergency vehicle access

A clear passage (free from obstruction), 3 metres wide must be maintained through the closure, for emergency vehicle access.

Apply for a street party road closure

After you have checked that your application meets the requirements, you can apply for a road closure for your street party.

Apply for a street party road closure

Street parties / licensing

020 8736 6257 (general licensing) 020 8420 9900 (tombola/raffle)

Road Closures

Telephone: 020 8424 1884