Temporary events

Apply for a temporary event notice

To apply for a temporary event notice you can download and complete the application form below. The link takes you to the GOV.UK website).

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What happens after you submit your application?

If you don't hear from us within three working days after submitting your application, you can consider your application to have been accepted.

Unsuccessful applicants and objectors may appeal to the magistrates’ court within 21 days of the decision. However there are no appeals against decisions on 'late' notices.

Notices are subject to various limits:

  • a capacity of no more than 499 people
  • a notice can last for seven days but can’t cover more than 26 days in a year
  • there must be a 24-hour gap between each temporary event notice
  • a premises can have up to 20 temporary event notices in a year
  • personal licence holders can give 50 temporary event notices in a year (10 of which can be 'late' notices)
  • everybody else can give five temporary events notices (two of which can be 'late')

For further information and guidance please visit GOV.UK

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