Child performance and entertainment licence

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Due to COVID-19 crisis and the Government’s guidance on social distancing Harrow Council’s Child Licensing Team will not be currently issuing any child performance licences, child work permits, Body of Person’s Approval, Exemption licences and chaperone applications until informed otherwise. 

All applications will be put on-hold.  This is to ensure there is no social interaction and during these difficult times no child should be employed to work or perform.

Harrow licenced  chaperones are also advised to refrain from carrying out chaperone duties.

Please contact the Child Licensing Team, once everything is back to normal, if you still wish your application to be processed.

Please contact the Business Support Officers on [email protected] or Child Employment Officer on 020 8736 6461 for further clarification.

You may need to apply for a child performance licence, if you have children under school leaving age involved in a production such as a:

  • film, play, concert or other public performance that an audience pays to see
  • film, play, concert or other public performance which will take place on a licensed premise
  • sporting event or modelling assignment where the child is paid

The person responsible for the production will need to apply for the licence.


You can return the application by email or post. 

For further guidance on children in entertainment see the:

Chaperone licences

If the child won’t be with their parent, school teacher or home tutor while performing they must be supervised by a licensed chaperone.

Body of Person's licence (BOPA)

Below is the application form and guidance for a Body of Persons licence: