Apply for a chaperone licence

Children of school age taking part in performances and entertainment must be in the care of either their parent, a legal guardian, or an approved chaperone at all times.

Chaperones are responsible for ensuring that:

  • the child is properly supervised at all times and has adequate meals, rest and recreation, when the child is not performing
  • suitable arrangements are made for the child to get home or to their lodgings after the performance

Relatives, childminders and friends are not legal guardians unless they are recognised as such by the courts. They need to be approved as chaperones by the local authority.

Parents can only chaperone their own children. If they want to chaperone other children they need a licence. Licences are valid for three years.

Chaperone licence fees

Which licence is right for you?

We have two licences. One is £80 and the other is £25.

The £80 licence is for applicants who have not had a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. This application includes of a full DBS check. The licence and DBS is valid for 3-years. If successful, the licence will be issued from the date your DBS is verified.

If you are registered with the DBS update service, you can apply for an annual licence. The cost is £25. If the application is successful, a licence will be issued and valid for a year from the date your DBS is verified.

The above fees are non-refundable. If you have any questions please contact our licensing team on the above numbers.

Before you start

Please be aware of the following:

  • You will need to upload a passport size photo to the chaperone application form.
  • Once the application has been submitted an enhanced Disclosure Barring Service check will be processed by Harrow.
  • Harrow will also contact the referees you have specified on the application.
  • You'll need to complete specific training, given by the Harrow Safeguarding Children Board. We will email you the details once your application is received.
  • You will need to meet the Child Employment Officer. They might recommend that you have further training before your licence is issued. The further training may incur a cost.
  • Optional training: NSPCC training – Online course for Chaperones - Protecting Children in entertainment

Apply for a chaperone licence

Renew a chaperone licence

If you are renewing your licence we advise you to also complete the NSPCC online training.