Apply for a chaperone licence

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COVID-19 crisis

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and to adhere to the Government's guidance on social distancing and limiting the need to leave your home unless essential still applies. More information is available from National Network for Children in Employment and Entertainment.

We will do our best to issue Child Performance licences, Child Work Permits, Body of Person's Approval, Exemption licences and chaperone applications, but only if the request is compliant with the guidance set out by the Government.  We will therefore require a Risk Assessment to be completed for those children working to ensure employers and production companies are adhering to these preventative measures.

We advise all chaperones licensed by Harrow Council to refrain from carrying out chaperone duties and also follow the current Government guidance.
For further information please contact the Child Licensing Team.

Children of school age taking part in performances and entertainment must be in the care of either their parent, legal guardian or an approved chaperone at all times. Relatives, childminders and friends are not legal guardians, unless they are recognised as such by the courts; they will need to be approved as a chaperone by the local authority where they live to chaperone a child. Parents can only chaperone their own children, if they would like to chaperone other children they will need to obtain a licence.

Chaperone's responsibilities

Chaperones are responsible for ensuring:

  • the child is properly supervised at all times and has adequate meals, rest and recreation, when the child is not performing
  • that suitable arrangements are made for the child to get home or to their lodgings after the performance

How long is the licence valid for?

The licence is valid for three years.


There is a non-refundable fee of £70 to apply for the licence. You can make a payment via the online form using a debit or credit card.


To apply for the licence you will need to:

If you are renewing your licence we would advise you to also complete the NSPCC online training.

New applicants

New applicants are required to complete Harrow's Safeguarding Children Board e-learning courses - both courses will need to completed. If you haven't previously received safeguarding training you will need to meet with the Child Employment Officer for an informal assessment prior to completing the courses.

Further information

For further information about chaperones please download: