Apply for a secondary school place

Your child will start secondary school in September 2021, if they were born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010.  To obtain a school place for your child you will need to complete an application form.

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Secondary school place offers

Offers for secondary school places will be issued on 1 March 2021. Find out what to do when you receive your child’s offer.

Children moving to the UK

Please read the guidance on applying for a school place for a child who is moving to the UK.


To apply for a secondary school place for September 2021 please follow the information below. Applications submitted after 31 October 2020 are considered late and will be processed after 1 March 2021.

If you have recently moved to Harrow and need an immediate school place for your child or would like to transfer your child to a new school, please complete the in-year admission form.

You can read information on how to apply for a secondary school place and details of school admission arrangements for each school in our Guide to secondary schools 2021-22.

When you complete your application, you can choose up to six schools for your child to attend.

To help you to choose a suitable school you can:

Apply for a secondary school place

If you do not pay Council Tax in Harrow you will need to submit documents to confirm your address.

If you are not a resident in Harrow, you will need to make an application with your local council.

Applying for a faith school

If you are applying for a faith school/academy, you will need to fill in a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and return it directly to the school before the closing date. For some schools you will also need to complete a Priest Reference form for more information see the school admission arrangements page.

Important dates

Below are some important dates for secondary school applications.

Date Event
1 September 2020 Application for secondary school opens
31 October  2020 Closing date for applications
1 March 2021 Receive outcome of your application
29 March 2021 Closing date for appeals to be submitted

Secondary school appeals

The closing date for appeals to be submitted is 29 March 2021. Appeals submitted by the deadline will be held during the summer term. If you submit an appeal after the deadline, it may not be heard before the end of the summer term.

To submit an appeal and more information see the appealing a school place page.