Apply for a vehicle crossing (dropped kerb)

Trees, lampposts and other obstructions


Highway trees will not be removed without the agreement of the Principal Landscape Architect and Arboricultural officer. As a guide, we will not agree to removing any healthy trees or mature trees where replanting would not be possible. If agreed, you will be required to pay for the tree's removal and the planting of two new trees at another location.


If an existing lamppost interferes with a proposed crossing, a separate estimate will be prepared for you with the cost of relocating the lamppost. This may involve having to erect a secondary lamp column to maintain the correct amount of light and column spacing.

Fire hydrants

You will need to contact your local water supplier to establish if the valve is low enough for the vehicle crossing to be constructed. If the valve is not low enough, you will be charged by the water supplier to relocate or lower the hydrant. The marker plate may also need to be relocated and updated to reflect the new information of the position of the hydrant. You will be required to send us any correspondence letters from your water supplier to update our records.

Telegraph poles and cable/telecoms cabinets

You are required to contact the utility supplier to establish if the equipment can be relocated (all costs borne by yourself). You will need to provide us with copies of any associated documentation when you submit your application to us.