Harrow Recycling Centre

The Harrow Recycling Centre is located in Wealdstone and is where you can bring general waste and bulky items to be sorted and recycled.

Book your visit online

Booking your visit to the Recycling Centre online allows us to maintain a steady flow of users to the centre and also reduces the chances of traffic building up in the surrounding areas.

You can submit two bookings per car registration per day and bookings can be made as far as 14 days in advance.

Before you start

To book a timeslot at the Recycling Centre you will need to:

  • select the time and date you wish to book
  • add your contact details including your name and address
  • add the registration number of the vehicle you will be bringing on the day

Book your visit to the Recycling Centre


After you make a booking

  • We'll email you a booking confirmation and reference number (please check your spam or junk folders).
  • When you arrive you will need to show your booking confirmation and photo ID (passport or driving licence) and address ID (utility bill).
  • Your time slot will only be valid for 30 minutes from the time you booked.

Trade waste

We accept trade waste at the Recycling Centre and you do not need to book a slot. You need to make your way to the weigh bridge on the lower level.

Trade waste fees

If you are a company wanting to dispose of waste, or if you are disposing waste in a van, you will incur charges.

Type of waste Fee
General Waste £309.00 a tonne, minimum charge £106.80
Green Waste 89.90 a tonne, minimum charge £28.10
Cardboard 89.90 a tonne, minimum charge £28.10
Trade Mattresses £22.50 each
Metals Free of charge
Out of borough residents (Recycling only) Minimum charge £29

Common questions about the Recycling Centre

Find out what residents have been asking about the Recycling Centre.

What do I need to bring on the day?

When you arrive at the Harrow Recycling Centre, make sure you bring:

  • Your booking confirmation (this will be emailed to you)
  • Valid Photo ID (driving licence preferred)
  • Proof of address (utility bill or council tax bill)

Can I leave the Recycling Centre and return with more waste within my allocated timeslot?

No, you will need to book another timeslot online for any return visits.

How can I cancel or change my booking?

There is a link to cancel your booking in the email you receive after making a booking.

What items can I bring to the Recycling Centre?

When visiting the Recycling Centre, remember to separate your waste before you visit.

You will see that we separate items out by categories and each has its own place at the Recycling Centre.

You can recycle:

  • anything that would go in your Household and Garden waste bins
  • mattresses
  • metals
  • textiles and carpets (wearable clothes should be donated to charity if possible)
  • fluorescent tubes
  • wood and timber
  • cooking oils, motor oils
  • small electrical appliances e.g. mobile phones, printers, toasters, batteries, irons and kettles
  • large appliances e.g. cookers, fridges, washing machines, televisions and computers
  • Christmas trees
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke detector (alarm)

Clearing out a home

You can request special access to the Recycling Centre. Special access can be given if you are clearing a property belonging to someone who has passed away.

Request special access to the Recycling Centre


What if I do not have internet access to book an online timeslot?

Bookings can only be made online so would ask that you get help from a friend or family to book a timeslot for you.

Your friend or family can book a timeslot for you and give you your booking reference number. Make sure you still bring ID and arrive in the vehicle mentioned in the booking.

What if I do not have photo identification?

A driving licence without a photo will also be accepted. But this will need to be shown with a bank or credit card with the same name.

What if I miss my 30-minute timeslot or arrive after the time slot has past?

You can arrive any time within your 30-minute timeslot. If you arrive after this time, you will not be allowed into the Recycling Centre.

What if I do not live in Harrow but I am clearing rubbish for a friend or relative?

You should enter their Harrow address details when making a booking. Someone who lives at that address should go with you with the relevant proof of address and ID documents.

What are the vehicle height restrictions?

Only vehicles measuring no higher than 6"6 will be allowed into the Recycling centre.

What vehicle can I bring?

Only vehicles measuring no higher than 6"6 will be allowed into the Recycling centre.

Seats inside vehicles can be dropped down to allow space but not removed.

Can I visit by foot?

You can visit the Recycling Centre by foot. When you arrive, visit the site office first where you will be asked to show a photo ID and proof of your Harrow address. You do not need to have booked an appointment.

Can I turn up without an appointment?

You will need a booking in order to access the Recycling Centre. Having an online booking system allows us to maintain a steady flow of users to the recycling centre and also reduces the chances of traffic building up in the surrounding areas. 

Can I use a hired vehicle to visit the recycling centre?

You can bring a hired vehicle to the recycling centre to get rid of your waste. We understand you may not have the car registration when making your booking.

When completing the booking, please enter your postcode and house number in the car registration field. For example if you live at number 24 and your postcode is HA3 5NB, you will need to put: "HA35NB24".

Once you confirm your booking, you will receive an email confirmation. In the email there will be a link to edit your booking where you can update your car registration once you know it. This will then update your booking.

It is important to change your car registration on your booking before attending the recycling centre. If you do not update your car registration you will be denied access to the recycling centre.