Playground and gym equipment

There are 44 parks in Harrow with 40 playgrounds and 27 outdoor gyms.

The outdoor gyms are free to use all year round and are mainly located near children’s playgrounds so you can easily combine a workout while your kids are playing.

The gym equipment uses your own body weight so it does not put too much pressure on your joints. We aim to check all equipment regularly to encourage a healthier community.

Before you start

To report faulty or broken playground or gym equipment you will need:

  • the location
  • information on the type of equipment
  • any photos if it is safe to take some.

Report a park playground or gym issue

How we maintain playground and gym equipment

Our playgrounds and outdoor gyms are visually checked weekly by our local parks teams with thorough inspections taking place on a monthly basis.

If you notice a fault or issue with equipment in one of our playgrounds or outdoor gyms then let us know so our team can investigate.

If an inspection is required, we will go out to evaluate the equipment.

If any issues are found that cannot be resolved at the time, we will put a barrier around the equipment until it has been fixed, replaced or removed.