Apply for street name or numbering

We are responsible for street naming and numbering in Harrow. You will need to submit an application if you want to do any of the following:

  • name a new development
  • number a new development
  • sub-divide an existing property
  • change the name of an existing property or development
  • change the number of an existing property or development.

Renaming or adding a name to existing property

If you apply to rename or add a name to an existing property, you will need to supply three extra names. This is in case your first choice name is not accepted. See our street naming and numbering guidance.

Street name and numbering fees

There are fees when you apply to change a name or number of a property. The National Land and Property Gazetteer will need to be updated. The following outline the fees for these updates:

Application type Item/Unit Fee
Adding alias/name per property £260
Application for numbering property per property £260
Application for naming a road   £303.02 plus £43.14 per
Naming or renaming of house, block of flats or commercial unit per block £260 for naming of block only
Numbering a new development 1 Plot
2 to 20 Plots
21 to 50 Plots
over 50 Plots
£76.51 per unit
£1,530 + £30.25 per unit
£2,437.47 + £22.83 per unit
Certificate of naming / numbering / historic  documents   £129.30

Apply for street name or numbering

Your application for a street name or number change needs to include:

  • a site plan to show the external entrance to each affected property
  • a floor plan to show the external entrance to each affected property
  • a copy of planning approval
  • a method of payment to for the relevant fee (shown above).

Apply for street name or numbering

What happens next?

After you submit your application we will:

  • confirm that we have your application within five days. We will confirm if it is consistent with our policy. If it isn't, we will ask for alternative naming or numbering.
  • speak to public services about your application. We do this to prevent confusion and check for duplication. This check is for emergency services and Royal Mail. We will then inform you of the outcome within 28 days.

Royal Mail will add the address as ‘not yet built’ if the property is empty. When the property is occupied please let us know as soon as possible. We will contact Royal Mail to register the address on their database.

Utility companies will not provide services until an address is registered with the Royal Mail. We recommend that you submit an application early in the development stage.

If you don't follow the rules for naming and numbering streets, you could face legal action. This is under Section 15 of the London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 1939.

After you submit an application, there is a 28-day consultation period. If your application is declined the consultation period will restart.

Street name and numbering guidance

For examples of good and bad street or property names, see our guides below:

Avoid duplications

Do not repeat street or property names already used in the local area. Changes such as changing 'street' to 'road', will likely be deemed enough to be accepted.

Keep names simple

Try and avoid names with more than three syllables. If you can, only submit them in special cases. Use 'Terrace' or 'Parade' for rows of buildings only on roads that are short of length. This is on roads that already have a name.

Avoid similar sounding names

Avoid having two similar sounding names in a local area. For example: 

  • Churchill Road or
  • Birch Hill Road

Avoid misleading names

Avoid names that can be misleading. For example:

  • Tip House
  • Access Way
  • Tennis Court
  • Dead End Road
  • No street or building name to start with 'The'.