Apply for planning permission

The quickest way to apply for planning permission is online via the Planning Portal. Applying via the Planning Portal is simple, and can help you save on printing and postal costs.

Delays of up to 2 weeks will be avoided as your application will reach us immediately.

You can apply by post however it may take up to two weeks longer to process these applications than online applications.

Before making an application, you are strongly advised to seek pre-application advice. This can be particularly useful if you are not a building professional. Our advice will help you avoid the pitfalls and ensure your application gets approved first time where possible, saving time and money. We also highly recommend this service for the more complex or ambitious planning projects.

The approval process

We have eight weeks (or 13 weeks for major applications) to determine if your application is valid.

To get your permission as quickly as possible, you will need to ensure that all the plans, documents and the fee are correct first time.

For more information on what is required, please download the:


Most residents prefer to use an agent to make sure that they submit the right information. The council cannot recommend agents but will be putting a list of agents who attend our forums on the website shortly.

Householder Applications

For guidance on Householder Applications e.g extensions and House Conversions, please download the Residential Design Guide.