Apply for planning permission

What is planning permission?

What is Planning Permission?

In basic terms, planning permission involves requesting approval to implement certain alterations, additions, new building work or change of use, whether it’s for your home, business, or land.

The approval will be granted, possibly with certain conditions, or refused.

Planning Permission is required where “development” and/or “new development” is concerned. 

The meaning of development is captured under Section 55 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

It is your responsibility to check if planning permission is required. If required, it should be granted before any work begins. 

You may need to get planning permission first if you: 

  • Build something new. 
  • Make a change to your home or an existing building, such as adding an extension or changing its appearance. 
  • Change the use of a building or a piece of land. 

Further guidance detailing what work does or does not require planning permission can be found in our do I need planning permission section.

It is an offence to carry out unauthorised works without our consent on listed buildings and protected trees and/or the display of advertisements.

Further information can be viewed on our planning enforcement page.