Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

Challenge a PCN

If you think you got a PCN by mistake, you can challenge it online. You can challenge a PCN after receiving:

  • a PCN (for moving and static traffic offences)
  • a Notice to Owner document (for parking offences) or
  • an Enforcement Notice (for bus lane offences).

You can also email or post your challenge but you cannot challenge a PCN by phone.

Challenge your PCN online

  • To challenge your PCN online, start by entering your vehicle registration on our parking and permits page. You will be able to view details of your PCN and photos of the traffic offence.
  • You will need to wait up to 24 hours after getting a PCN before you can pay or challenge it online.
  • You need to provide evidence like a disabled badge or sales invoice. You can upload a max of 2 files (documents or images) using the webform.

For help on challenging your PCN see the London Tribunals website. You cannot choose to pay the discounted PCN fine and also submit a challenge.

Enter your registration to start

How long until I get a response to my challenge

Under the Traffic Management Act 2004, you should get a response within 56 days.

What happens if my challenge is successful?

If your challenge is successful or the PCN was a mistake, you will not have to pay.

What happens if my challenge is rejected?

If we reject your challenge, you must pay the full fee. We will send information about how you can appeal. Your case could be reassessed, either at a personal hearing or by post.

How do I make a statutory declaration?

A statutory declaration is a formal statement confirming something is true. After you get the Order of Recovery, you can make a statutory declaration. You can do this by contacting the Traffic Enforcement Centre on 0300 1231059 or at

If your declaration is accepted and the court revokes the order, you might get a refund. If the case is still with the Enforcement Agent, contact them to prevent paying more fees.

They might ask for proof of the order. The Revoking Order doesn't cancel the PCN. We'll review your case with the order. You may have to pay the original PCN fee or if you have paid the extra charges these can be refunded to you.

How can I request a refund?

To request a refund you will need to:

  • email your HR number
  • vehicle registration
  • payment details.

to We will email you about the refund status and ask for bank details if you paid by cheque.