Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

Challenge a Penalty Charge Notice

If you feel you have been issued with a PCN incorrectly you can challenge your PCN.

Challenges must be made in writing via the Challenge a Penalty Charge Notice online form, or alternatively via email or post. Our parking enforcement contact details are at the bottom of this page. You cannot make a challenge by telephone.

How can I challenge my PCN?

You can challenge your PCN by entering your vehicle registration on our parking and permits page.

After you enter your vehicle registration you will be able to view details of your PCN and photographs of the traffic offence.

If you have multiple PCNs you will be able to select a PCN from the list to view details of that traffic offence.

Please note that you may have to wait up to 24 hours after receiving a PCN before you can pay or challenge it online.

Challenge your PCN online

You will need to submit supportive evidence such as a disabled badge or sales invoice.

When can I challenge my PCN?

You can submit a challenge after you have received:

  • a PCN (for moving and static traffic offences)
  • a Notice to Owner document (parking offences) or
  • an Enforcement Notice (bus lane offences).

There are only a few circumstances that will be considered when submitting a challenge.

For information on legal grounds for challenging your PCN, see the London Tribunals website.

You cannot choose to pay the discounted PCN fine and also submit a challenge.

Successful challenges

If your challenge is accepted or the PCN was issued in error, it will be cancelled and you will not have to pay. If we reject your challenge at the full rate you will have to pay the full fee (the amount will not be discounted).

Rejected challenges

If your challenge is rejected you will be sent details on how to take the appeal to an independent parking tribunal. This will be conducted by the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA) who are legal adjudicators.

They will reassess the case, either at a personal hearing or by post.

Processing PCNs

We process PCNs according to set regulations which specify the steps we must take to recover payment of the fine.

If you receive three or more unpaid PCNs which are not subject to challenge, you will not be able to get a parking permit anywhere within the borough of Harrow.


To contact us for a refund please email your HR number, vehicle registration number and payment information to [email protected]

We will contact you by email to confirm any further details and advise on the status of your refund.

If you have paid by cheque bank details will be required.

I want to speak to someone to dispute my PCN?

Due to legislation, our parking department does not take telephone calls as all communication must be put in writing.

How long should I expect to wait for a response to my challenge?

Under the Traffic Management Act 2004, formal representations must be responded to within 56 days of their receipt.

Can I see photographic evidence of my traffic violation?

Photographs can be viewed after you enter your vehicle registration on our parking and permits page.

You will be able to view the photographic evidence before making any payment.

You can also request for this to be sent via post by sending your request to:

Parking Enforcement

PO Box 951

Civic Centre



How can I make a statutory declaration? 

A statutory declaration is a formal statement confirming that something is true to the best knowledge of the person making the declaration.

You can only make a statutory declaration once you have received the Order of Recovery. All statutory declarations must be made direct with the Traffic Enforcement Centre.

Please contact them on 0300 1231059 or email direct at [email protected]

If your statutory declaration is accepted and the court issues you a revoking order, then you may be able to get a refund, including any fees if you have already made a payment.

If the matter is still with the Enforcement Agent please contact them immediately as this will prevent any further fees being raised. They may ask you to provide evidence of the order.

The Revoking Order does not cancel the PCN itself.

We will review your case once we have received a copy of the revoking order from the Court. You will be given information about the next steps to take within the statutory process (this will depend on what grounds your statutory declaration was filed on).

You may still have to pay the original PCN amount or if you have already paid the extra charges these can be refunded to you.

You may have to fill in a refund application form which will be sent to you.

Parking enforcement

Address: PO Box 951
Civic Centre
Station Road