Traffic enforcement cameras and CCTV

CCTV cameras help to detect and prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in Harrow. If you want to request footage such as a road traffic accident or another incident you can contact cctv.operations@harrow.gov.uk.

We also use CCTV cameras to enforce traffic violations such as:

  • driving in bus lanes
  • stopping on a yellow box junction
  • performing a prohibited turn
  • stopping in bus stops and keep clear markings near schools.  

We use mobile CCTV vehicles to watch keep clear restrictions near schools. These are areas designed for the safe access of pupils, staff and the emergency services to and from the school premises.

Vehicles are not allowed to wait, stop or park on a restricted area outside a school at any time during the hours of restriction shown on signage.

Traffic lights 

Traffic light faults should be reported to Transport for London. Transport for London are responsible for the maintenance of all permanent traffic lights in London.

The London Safety Camera Partnership implements a camera safety programme to:

  • reduce speed
  • reduce red light running
  • prevent road crash casualties.

These cameras are often yellow and are seen at junctions or on busy or fast moving roads.  The locations of these cameras are always being reviewed and can be seen on the TfL map of London.

If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice, you may be able to view the footage.