MyHarrow Guide: Business Rates

To view your business rates account online you will need:

  • Your Account Reference found at the top of your bill
  • The postcode of the charged property

The registration process should take no more than 5 minutes. You will then be able to access your business rates account online.

Register for a MyHarrow Account


If you need any help please refer to the guidance below about:

How to register for a MyHarrow Account for business rates

Step 1 - Your details

When registering you will need to enter your own name rather than the name of your organisation. If other people need to view your company's business rates, they will be able to link it to their own account too.

Add a service screen with Business Rates option selected

Step 2: Add a service

After entering your details and choosing a password, you need to select which services you need. You can select as many as you want. If there are any services you do not need right now you will be able to add these at a later date.

After making your selection, click 'Next' at the bottom of the page

Step 3: Email verification

After confirming which services you need, you will be sent an email with a link to activate your account. The email will come from If you cannot find the email, please check your spam or junk folders. If the email has gone into your spam or junk folder, you may need to move it to your inbox, or confirm that it is not spam before the link will work.

Step 4: Complete

Your MyHarrow account is now active and ready to use.  You can now link up to your business rates accounts. If you need help to link the accounts see below.

Linking a business rates account

Before you can view your bills and payments, you need to link to the business rates account you want to view to your MyHarrow Account.

Sample of the bill indicating the reference number and postcode

What you will need

To link up your business rates account you will need your 10-digit Account Reference  and the Charged Property Postcode, as shown on your bill.

Screenshot of the MyServices Screen you will see when you first log in to your account

Step 1: My Services

The first time you log in to MyHarrow, you should see the My Services screen with a space to enter your reference number. Enter your business rates Account Reference number as show on your bill (see example above) and click 'Link'

If you cannot see the space to enter your reference number, click on the link to 'Add a service' select business rates and confirm. You will then return to the MyServices page

My Services screen for business rates with an account linked

Step 2: The account is linked

Your business rates account is now linked to your MyHarrow Account.

If you have any more business rates accounts you can link these using the '+Link Account' button.

To view bills/correspondence and payments for the account click on 'Show Details'


Viewing your business rates details

Click on the 'Show Details' button on the MyServices page to reach the business rates summary.

Screenshot of the Business Rates Summary Screen

Summary screen

Here you can see an overview of the account including the yearly charge and remaining balance

The tabs below show:

  • Amounts Due: Your remaining instalments
  • Remaining Balance Breakdown: How your balance is calculated including any relief or exemptions
  • Payments: See what payments you have made. Allow 2 working days for them to appear.
Screenshot of the dropdown menu on the correspondence page

View your bills and correspondence

From the business rates summary page, click on the link to 'View my Bills and Reminders'

Then on the correspondence page, you will need to select the period you wish to view from the drop-down menu.

Sign up for / Cancel paperless e-billing

If you are logged in to your MyHarrow account, you can find the link to 'Sign up for e-billing' on the Business Rates Summary screen.

To check if you are already signed up, click on the 'Sign up for Ebilling' link and proceed to the form. There you will see your ebilling status. If you are not registered you can proceed with the form to sign up. If you are registered you will be given the option to cancel.

If you choose to cancel e-billing, you can still log in to view your bills if your MyHarrow Account and Business Rates account are linked.

If you have more than one Business Rates account, you will need to set your preference for each account separately.