Public advertisements for licences

The person making the application for an alcohol and entertainment licence will need to advertise the application. 

Public advertisements on the premises

The notice is to be displayed on the premises for at least 28 days starting on the day after the application was submitted to Harrow Council's licensing section.

It must be displayed, in all cases, prominently at or on the premises to which the application relates, where it can be read from the exterior of the premises.

In the case of a premises covering an area of more than fifty metres square, a further notice in the same form, and subject to the same requirements, must be displayed every fifty metres along the external perimeter of the premises abutting any highway.

The notice must be:

  • A4 size or larger
  • Pale blue colour
  • Printed or typed in black with a minimum font size of size 16

Newspaper notice

The notice in the local newspaper (Harrow Times) must be published at least once during a period of 10 working days, starting the day after the application was made to Harrow Council licensing section.

Licences and street trading

Questions and completed applications can be sent to the licencing team below:

Address: Harrow Council
Licensing and Street Trading
PO Box 1358