Gaming machines permit

Applying for permission to have a gaming machine

Pubs are automatically allowed up to two gaming machines in class C or D if they have submitted a gaming machine notification to the council.  There is a fee of £50.

Pubs may have more than two machines in class C or D if they apply for a licensed premises gaming machine permit.  There is a fee of £150 and an annual fee of £50.

Clubs may have up to three gaming machines in class B3A or in classes B4 to D if they have applied for a club gaming permit

Unlimited numbers of class D machines may be provided in a family entertainment centre. 

Unlimited numbers of class C or class D machines may be provided in a licensed family entertainment centre.

A premises licence is needed to allow gaming machines in:

  • licensed family entertainment centres
  • betting shops and tracks
  • bingo premises
  • adult gaming centres

Changes and renewing gaming machine permissions

Gaming machine notifications are linked to the premises alcohol licence and do not expire.  However they must be transferred when the premises licence holder changes. 

Further information about gaming machines is available from the Gambling Commission