Harrow Council is committed to maintaining a vibrant economy for the benefit of those who live, work and conduct business in the borough.

To enable effective management of busking across the borough, in line with a London wide approach, Harrow Council supports the Busk In London - Busking Code.

The Regional Guide to Busking in London (including the busking code) has been created by street performers, the Mayor of London, councils, businesses and the police to promote good relations and a vibrant street culture.

Busking is an art form that is practiced by professional artists, amateur performers and those who are just starting out. The Code covers areas such as the definition of busking, where busking can take place, performing and collecting money.

Busking includes circus, dance, magic and street theatre shows as well as music, living statues and others. Adoption of this code will increase transparency in the management of busking across the borough.

This will help enable the balancing of the contributions of the local communities with the need to respect residents’ and businesses’ desire for protection from nuisance or inconvenience.

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