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Below you'll find a range of services which provide free access to digital newspapers, magazines, eBooks and audio books which can be downloaded onto your PC, tablet and smartphone.

The services can be viewed via a web browser or you can install them onto your mobile device via an app such as iOS Apple app store, Android Google Play store and Kindle Fire Amazon store

To gain access to the publications you'll need:

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PressReader gives you unlimited access to 1000s of digital newspapers and magazines
from around the world,
so you can stay connected to the stories you love.

For help with using PressReader please download the user guides:

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overdrive main logoOverdrive provides access to over 30,000 eBooks and 5,500 audio books for
adults, teens and children.

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Lucky Day is a special collection of highly popular titles of eBooks and eAudiobooks that are available
on a first come, first served basis. All can be borrowed for 14 days but can not be renewed and are
automatically returned at the end of loan period.
The list of titles will change as books are returned to the collection, so check back often.

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RB Digital
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With RB Digital you can access full digital versions of your favourite magazines,
1000s of eBooks and audio books
or choose from top comics including Marvel® favourites and other major brands such as HELLO! magazine and New scientist.

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RB Digital


  • IndieFlix – a streaming movie service free for library members with award winning films, classic tv, box office hits
  • Qello – the world’s largest collection of music concerts and documentaries



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Borrowbox provides access to 1000s of eBooks and audio books.

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Free access to Ulverscroft uLibrary for a limited time

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For over 50 years, Ulverscroft have always been there to provide books to those that have needed them the most. Until July 31st we’re pleased to announce that they are making uLIBRARY 'free to access' for all. This includes access to 500 of their most popular audiobooks and free membership to the uLIBRARY book clubs. You can view the available titles at https://els.ulverscroftulibrary.com/.

All you need to do is register for access at www.ulibrary.net/register and you will be sent your login details.


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