Free digital newspapers, magazines and eBooks

Below you'll find a range of services which provide free access to digital newspapers, magazines, eBooks and audio books which can be downloaded onto your PC, tablet and smartphone.

The services can be viewed via a web browser or you can install them onto your mobile device via an app such as iOS Apple app store, Android Google Play store and Kindle Fire Amazon store

To gain access to the publications you'll need:

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PressReader gives you unlimited access to 1000s of digital newspapers and magazines from around the world, so you can stay connected to the stories you love.

For help with using PressReader please download the user guides:

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With RB Digital you can access full digital versions of your favourite magazines, 1000s of eBooks and audio books or choose from top comics including Marvel® favourites and other major brands such as HELLO! magazine and New scientist.

RB Digital also includes:

  • Indieflix
  • Qello
  • The Great Courses

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Overdrive provides access to over 30,000 eBooks and 5,500 audio books for adults, teens and children.

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Borrowbox provides access to 1000s of eBooks and audio books.