Sheltered housing

Apply for sheltered housing

Sheltered housing could suit you if you are over 60 and want to live independently. It is good if you need a bit more support or if you want to live in a smaller home that is easier to manage.

It may be an option if you are at risk of becoming homeless or feeling isolated.

Some features of sheltered housing include:

  • support from a property warden and support staff
  • a 24-hour emergency support alarm system
  • shared common areas, such as private gardens or lounges
  • social activities and events for residents.

Sheltered housing allows you to come and go as you please. It also provides the security of knowing that help is close by if you need it.

Applying for sheltered housing

If you are thinking of moving into sheltered housing, you need to consider:

  • a separate support charge is required as well as the rent and service charge
  • most sheltered flats have only one bedroom
  • if you have assets you will be referred to leasehold schemes. You can find the schemes on the Housing care website.

Apply for sheltered housing

You can discuss other housing options with our Housing assessment team. They will help to assess your needs.