Sheltered housing

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Please see an update covering all of the Housing services for council tenants, including those living in Sheltered Accommodation, that we are currently able to deliver.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.  This will be updated on a frequent basis, and it will include updates about any special support available to Harrow residents.

And here is a contact list of some key Support Services available to Harrow residents should you need to reach out.

For more information about how the Coronavirus is impacting the Housing and Property services see our Coronavirus page.

Sheltered housing is accommodation specially designed for people of 60 and over who can live independently.

This may be an option to secure permanent accommodation quickly if you are:

  • at risk of becoming homeless, and
  • aged over 60

Personal care is not provided in sheltered housing. It is in a setting that allows tenants to come and go as they please. It also gives them the security of knowing that help is close by if they need it. This might be an ideal solution if one is thinking about downsizing or feeling isolated where they currently live.

If you are thinking of moving into sheltered housing you will need to consider:

  • a separate support charge is required in addition to the rent and service charge
  • nearly all sheltered flats have only one bedroom
  • if you have assets you will be referred to leasehold schemes - for a list of leasehold schemes visit housing care

Find out more about sheltered housing schemes.

Other housing is available if you have needs that would make sheltered accommodation unsuitable. To find out more contact the housing assessment team.