Social housing in Harrow

What is social housing?

Social housing is property rented to tenants at a lower cost than renting privately. Tenants rent their homes from either the council or a housing association rather than a private landlord. Rental prices of social housing is set in line with local income levels.

We (the council) own around 5000 properties across the borough. Each year some of these properties become available for social housing.

Demand for social housing is high and families with significant housing needs are likely to be considered.

Social housing allocations

Our housing allocation scheme aims to:

  • meet local priority housing needs
  • make the best use of Harrow’s limited social housing stock
  • be fairer by ensuring that residents most needing housing have a much shorter wait time.

For more information about allocations see our:

Housing associations

Housing associations build, own, rent out and sell properties.

There are many housing associations in Harrow. They provide different types and sizes of properties. We work with housing association staff to ensure that developments reflect local needs. Some housing associations have specialist roles which they cater for.

Some examples include:

  • catering for people with special support needs
  • or those from particular ethnic backgrounds.

Housing association tenancies can only be secured through a successful bid on the Locata website.

Locata is a website where you can search and bid on properties online. You can find advice about your housing options for families on the Locata website.

Some housing associations accept direct applications from the public. Housing associations usually keep waiting lists. We advise that you ask to see if the list is very long or even closed.

Apply for a transfer

If you are a council tenant, you can register online for a transfer through the Locata scheme. For more information about transfer eligibility and applications, see the Locata scheme.