Book a home electrical safety inspection

We are responsible for making sure our tenants feel safe in their homes. We need to ensure that we meet all health and safety requirements.

All council properties need to have an up-to-date electrical installation condition report (EIC). An EIC report checks if your property's wiring and electrics are safe.

As the landlord, we need to keep accurate records of all our inspections. We found that some assessments have not happened. They expired or were not recorded.

We are disappointed with this breach of standards and we would like to apologise as we work to put this right.

Our steps to fix these problems

We have put a programme in place to fix these problems:

  • Our team of surveyors and engineers are checking all the properties. They will assure that assessments are current and correct.
  • Where we find anything that needs fixing, we will arrange for this to be done.
  • We will issue new certificates to residents where required.
  • Our teams are also fixing our recording systems. They want to prevent these problems from happening again.

Book a home safety inspection

If you think that your property has not been assessed, you can book an inspection.

Book a safety inspection