Report overgrown shrubs or trees

We carry out pruning of shrubs and trees on a regular basis to ensure that the parks and pathways we maintain meet health and safety standards.

How to report overgrown shrubs or trees

To report overgrown shrubs or trees online you will need:

  • information on where the overgrown shrubs or trees are located
  • any additional information such as a photo to show the area affected.

Report a shrub pruning issue

How do we deal with overgrown shrubs or trees?

We prune overgrown shrubs and trees as part of our weekly visits to the parks in Harrow during the period of November and February.

This means that our teams will only prune shrubs and trees across Harrow between these months but if you notice areas becoming abnormally long or dangerous during this period you can report it online.

Please note that we may not respond to all reports but they are useful in helping us to understand hot spots in the borough and areas where we can focus our resources.