Harrow's trees

Your tree rights and responsibilities

You are allowed to prune back overhanging branches from a tree in a neighbour's property, if the tree is not covered by a TPO or in a conservation area.

We would advise you to check the status of a tree before pruning any branches as any unauthorised works to trees covered by a TPO or in a conservation area can carry a substantial fine.   

If the tree is in a conservation area but is not covered by a TPO, a description of works to be carried out needs to be submitted by requesting an application for the work. Find out if a tree is covered by a TPO or in a conservation area.

Tenants in council housing

If you live in a council house you are responsible for maintaining the trees in the front and back garden. Please check your tenancy agreement for further information.

Private properties

The care and maintenance of any trees within private property is the responsibility of the landowner or homeowner.

Tree surgeons 

We do not provide a service to carry out work on trees however please see a list of registered tree contractors.

Cracks in walls

If you suspect damage such as cracks in walls or surrounding land to a property, is caused by a tree located on a public street, you should contact our Insurance Department.

View our frequently asked questions on protected trees in Harrow.