Flood advice

Flood zones

Harrow is located within three river catchments and is described as being an area in high risk of flash floods.

This is particularly when high rainfall exceed the drainage capacity followed very quickly by rivers and streams flooding above ground.

We are responsible for recording and investigating all significant flood events from all sources of flooding including:

  • river
  • surface water
  • ground water

It is the responsibilities of the homeowners, communities and businesses to work with risk management authorities to check if you are at risk of flooding.

You can do this on our flood zones and rivers page.

If your property or business is in a flood zone you have a responsibility to protect your property through resilience, resistance and emergency planning measures.

You should also make preparations for a flood event and know what to do in the event of a flood.

Depending on the level of flood risk it may also be advisable to consider installing more robust property resistance measures.

Harrow Council makes no recommendation as to the suitability of these products however; a number of successful trials have been undertaken on BSI Kite mark PAS 1188 accredited flood protection products which are widely recognised by major insurers and can result in reduced premiums and/or excess.

It may also be possible for owners of property at risk of flooding to obtain grant funding.