Climate change

What you can do to help tackle climate change

There is clearly much more to be done to tackle the climate challenge that faces us all, and this needs to be a team effort involving all our residents and businesses.

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Calculate your carbon footprint: This will help you to see those areas of your life responsible for the most carbon production and ways that you can reduce your emissions. There are now many accurate and easy-to-use tools available, including GikiZero.
  • It’s also straightforward for small and medium size businesses to calculate their emissions using the Carbon Trust’s Calculator.
  • Repair your broken electrical goods: We discard 155,000 tonnes of electricals every year, instead of reusing or recycling them. That creates e-waste which poses a major threat to the environment and to human health. Check out the West London Waste electrical repair directory for your nearest repair shop.
  • Recycle electricals and batteries: Never bin your old electricals or batteries. And don’t put them in your general recycling bin. Everything with a plug, battery or cable must be recycled separately. Enter your postcode to find all your local battery and electrical recycling points.  If you’re visiting your local recycling centre, please check if you need to book a slot, or take proof of address.
  • Switch to a green electricity tariff: Choose an electricity supplier that matches all of the energy you use with the amount they buy from renewable sources. Most companies now offer a renewable energy tariff. These include London Power, an initiative established by the Mayor of London which aims to offer fair, affordable and 100% renewable power exclusively to Londoners.
  • Save energy at home: There are a range of things everyone can do at home to save both energy and money, from changing to LED lightbulbs to installing insulation. The Energy Saving Trust is a good, independent source of advice and information.
  • Think about what you eat: Low-cost and low-impact food recipes for delicious meals that are good for you and the planet on the Eat Like a Londoner: Save money. Eat better. Help the planet.
  • Make space for Nature at home: We can do our bit to help provide habitats for wildlife around our homes and gardens, and this will really add up to help Nature’s recovery in Harrow. If you have a lawn why not participate in Plantlife’s No Mow May initiative, and perhaps also consider reducing the cutting on some areas throughout the year. The RHS and the Wildlife Trusts have also teamed up on the Wild about Gardens campaign and their website has lots of practical advice and resources about on actions you can take in your garden to encourage wildlife.
  • 9 tips from Imperial College London: small things we can begin to do today for a cleaner and greener future for Harrow